August Market Report

Aug 14, 2013

We've got some great produce in August and hopefully going into September. We've had some really good quality English whole Plaice ranging from 3/4 - 1 Pound to 2 pounds in size. This is great top skinned and trimmed or filleted.

We're getting some fantastic produce from our fishermen in Scotland at the moment. We've got Squid, Herrings, hook & line caught Mackarel. All tasting great and worth a look.

We've got live brown crabs and razor clams coming from Scotland and the South coast and both delicious.

From France we've got Grey Mullets and live Palourd Clams. Our English native Lobsters are being delivered twice a week from our suppliers and are nice change from Canadian with much sweeter meat. These are available from 1-2lb in weight.

Please contact us on 0121 322 8808 for more information on any of our seafood.


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