February Market Report

Feb 17, 2014

Welcome to February's market report. Let's get started:

Shell Fish - There's plenty of large brown crabs and whelks from Scotland aswell as clean meaty mussel's  available currently. All full of flavour and great on any menu.

From the south coast we are getting Palourd Clams or the larger Amandes from France.

Flat fish are still holding there roes at the moment making top skinning a little more difficult but we are still getting top quality fillets of plaice and lemon soles from Iceland and Norway.

Large monkfish are selling well still! Nice and chunky fillets great for thick portions.

Round fish - There's still large fresh Scottish Mackerel coming through and plenty of Pollock and Coley.   Hake is very hit and miss at the moment but hopefully when the weather improves so will the availability. Skrei cod is here but the season doesn't last long so get in while the goings good!!

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