Market Report

Jan 15, 2014

Fish is supplies are starting to get back to normal after the Christmas period but as we’re sure you can imagine the weather is not doing our fishermen any favours at the moment!

There's a good supply of netted Cornish fish coming through including  Grey Mullets, Whittings,  Pollocks and Lemon Soles.

Great quality plaice fillets are thick and meaty from Norway and Iceland. Our Hake has been proving to be in short supply but we are hoping this will ease over the coming few weeks .

The Scottish Mackerel is now large and firm, tasty and a slightly cheaper menu choice.  We are also having nice live Scottish brown crabs, whelks and razor clams delivered daily. 

Extra large monk fish tails from the East coast are filleting for great, good for chunky portions. 

Fresh cods roe will be available for about the next 6 weeks from Scotland.  There will be fresh deliveries of Spanish sashimi grade tuna loins as well as sword loins twice weekly.


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