fishiconmedium.png  Avruga Herring Roe

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Avruga is a black caviar, made from golden herring eggs caught off the coast of Spain. Avruga Roe is packaged in a very tasteful glass jar.

Avruga Herring Roe Caviar has a delicate nutty flavour making it delicious, being added to pastas, salads, mousses, cold soups and is also fantastic as a garnish.

We are able to source all other types of Caviar upon request. Please contact us for further information.

fishicon.png Species Information

Flavour:  delicate / nutty flavour
Availability: lightly pasturised in jars
Texture: smooth roe of varying sizes
Complimented by:  Salads / with other seafood / pastas
Cooking Methods:  none
Seasonality: Avruga Herring Roe is available in Jars so enjoys all year availability.

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