fishiconmedium.png  Codfish Roes

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Cods Roe are the eggs from a female cod. The roe can vary in size and comes either fresh (dependent on season) or tinned.

Arguably the best cods’ roe comes from Iceland.  Fresh cods’ roe is available during the early months of the year when the fish is spawning; poached and smoked cods’ roe is sold year round. Canned cods’ roe is also available and can be sliced and fried.

Fish Co offers  Pressed cods Roe which is tinned and Fresh cods roe which is seasonal.

fishicon.png Species Information

Flavour:  Medium flavour
Availability: Tinned / Fresh (seasonal)
Texture: varying in size
Complimented by: Salads / Sauces
Cooking Methods:  Fried, Boiled
Seasonality: Tinned has all year availability fresh is available January, February and March.

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