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Fish Co's Lobster is available as Live, Frozen meat and as a frozen lollipop. Lobster is often sold cooked, but will be at its freshest and tastiest if you buy it live and cook it yourself. Live lobsters are usually a blue colour and turn reddish-orange when cooked. Males have denser, meatier flesh, but females have a more subtle flavour and an orange 'coral' roe that is often used to colour sauces.

The best way to cook a lobster is to cook them a simply as possible, either halved and grilled or baked, boiled or steamed and served with a creamy sauce or lemon juice. Alternatives to this are Lobster Mousse or risotto or the classic Lobster Thermidor with a Cheese sauce.

fishicon.png Species Information

Flavour:  meaty
frozen / Fresh / Frozen Lollipop
Complimented by:
 Risotto, Creamy sauces,
Cooking Methods:  Oven Bake, Boiled, Steamed
all year round

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