fishiconmedium.png  Sea Bass

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A lovely sweet, white, textured fish, sea bass is a popular feature on menus all year round. It is caught in the North Atlantic, from Norway to Senegal. It closely resembles sea bream in flavour with a distinct meaty flavour and texture.

Sea bass isn't a bland fish, it stands up well to flavour and can be used in all sorts of ways from seabass with a creamy crab and prawn sauce, to an Italian inspired baked sea bass dish with tomatoes, olives and pine nuts.

fishicon.png Species Information

Flavour:  Strong, Sweet
Scale & Gutt, Fillet, canned, Butterfield
Complimented by: Citric and acidic flavours 
Cooking Methods:  Grilled, griddled, pan fried, baked, poached
Seasonality: All year availability.

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