fishiconmedium.png  Trout

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Trout is one of those distinctive fish that tastes sweet, nutty and absolutely delicious. They are classified as an oily fish.

Closely related to salmon, there are many types of trout found around the globe making it readily available.  Rainbow trout is a fish native to the USA and is popular with fish farmers.  Steelhead trout - a sea-going rainbow trout - is also found in the USA. Brown trout is native to the British Isles and is organically farmed.

Trout can have an earthy flavour goes well with citric and acidic flavours including steamed trout with cider and apples.

fishicon.png Species Information

Flavour:  Sweet, Nutty
Scale & Gutt, Fillet, canned, Butterfield
Flakey (small, medium, large)
Complimented by: Citric and acidic flavours 
Cooking Methods:  Grilled, griddled, pan fried, baked
Seasonality: All year availability.

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