fishiconmedium.png  Mahi Mahi

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Properly called the dolphin or dorado, the Mahi Mahi is not related to the mammal.  A beautifully coloured fish with iridescent bluish green and gold body, and golden yellow fins and forked tail.

Mahi Mahi is an exceptional tasting fish, with a firm white flesh and a sweet flavour.   It is less “fishy” tasting that many other fish, and is prized most by people in the US, Japan and in the Caribbean.

The meat of the Mahi Mahi is firm and lean, with large moist flakes and has a sweet mild flavour

Skinned meat is versatile and can used with most cooking methods (poached, steamed, baked and frying).  When Grilling the skin should be left on.

fishicon.png Species Information

Flavour:  Mild, Sweet
Loins and Portions
Large Flakes
Complimented by: Fruity and spicy flavours – great with salsa’s
Cooking Methods:
 Grilled, griddled
Seasonality: All year availability

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