fishiconmedium.png  Swordfish

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A firm, succulent and meaty fish whose texture can be compared to that of tuna. Swordfish is a bill fish with a deep iron-grey skin, slim body and long ‘sword’ or bill as the upper jaw.

Named for their long, pointed bill, the sword can reach about a third of its body length.

Swordfish is available all year round and most often filleted or boned into loins at point of landing.  Best char-grilled, pan-fried or barbecued, swordfish stands up well to strong flavours including chilli, ginger, sesame, soy, and garlic.

Although it is an oil-rich species of fish, it benefits from being marinated or brushed generously with oil prior to cooking as this helps prevent it from drying out during cooking.

fishicon.png Species Information

Flavour:  Strong
Loins and Portions
Meaty, Firm
Complimented by: Sharp, Spicy sauces
Cooking Methods:
 Grilled, griddled, Pan Fry.
Seasonality: All year availability.

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