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Tuna are amongst the most beautiful of the sea’s creature.  They are a group of salt water fish and live in the open sea rather than near the shore.  A wonderfully meaty fish with a subtle flavour, perfect for char-grilling. Wild tuna are large, impressive fish with smooth, bullet-shaped bodies and deeply forked tail fins.

As a fast swimming fish, unlike other fish which have white flesh, the Tuna flesh ranges from pink to dark red reflecting the higher levels of proteins and nutrients found in the fish.  Whether you like your fish canned or fresh, the health benefits of tuna cannot be underestimated.   Tuna provides you with more than 80% of your daily value of vitamin B12 and nearly 30% of vitamin B6, and that’s just for starters!

For cooking it is best brushed with oil and lightly seasoned; pan-frying, chargrilling and barbecuing are the best methods of cooking. 

fishicon.png Species Information

Flavour:  Strong, Sharp
Loins and Portions
Firm, Meaty, Fleshy
Complimented by: Sharp, Spicy sauces
Cooking Methods:
 Grilled, griddled, Pan Fry.
Seasonality: All year availability.

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