fishiconmedium.png  Tilapia

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The Tilapia is a warmwater round fish which is one of the few sustainable alternatives to cod.  is an exotic fish with a sweet taste. Fish Co supply Tilapia either fresh or frozen dependant on your requirements.  

The Tilapia is generally underrated as they are a very adaptable and resiliant species. They are a good eating fish with their firm texture and white flesh.

Tilapia can be prepared in many ways, including as a cod replacement, in stews or steamed and served with vegetables.

fishicon.png Species Information

Flavour:  Sweet Flavour
Frozen / Fresh
firm white flesh
Complimented by:
beer batter, spices, chilli
Cooking Methods:
 Steamed, pan-fried, grilled or deep fried
All year availability.

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